System Requirements
The Best of Online Learning
. . . with proven RESULTS!
The challenges are many – the solutions are specific:
  • Live online instructional support
  • Customizable assessments and content
Grade Results’ rigorous curriculum is correlated to state and national standards to ensure your students cover educational topics necessary to succeed in school and beyond. Grade Results works with its clients to provide solutions and address their specific requirements. Curriculum calendars are followed and Grade Results complements the classroom teacher's activities. Students are engaged and feel empowered.
Solutions for following needs:
The Results
  • Increase in State Assessment Scores
  • Credits and Grades Recovered
  • Increased Graduation Rates
“Dropping out of high school is not a sudden act, but a slow process of disengagement, often both academically and socially, and is often influenced by a student’s perception of the high school’s expectations of him or her and his or her early school experiences.”
The Silent Epidemic
Perspectives of High School Dropouts
A report by Civic Enterprises in association with Peter D. Hart Research Associates for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation March, 2006