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Grade Results (GR) is the leading innovator of live one-to-one online instruction, providing a comprehensive set of services to public, private, charter and alternative schools, as well as community colleges and universities. GR is the only provider that combines powerful content, dynamic live instruction, and unparalleled technology to enhance the performance of students across the country.


The mission of Grade Results is to improve student learning outcomes by providing high-quality, empowering, and enriching online learning experiences that are responsive to each student’s individual needs.


GR is unique in its ability to collaborate with clients in customizing course content, and distinctive for its model of embedded assessment. The vision of growth for the company is driven by the belief that technology has an important role to play in improving the quality of education for all students, and in delivering individualized instruction to raise academic achievement for every child.


GR has a proven track record of increasing:
1. Graduation Rates
2. Number of Credits Earned
3. High Stake Test Scores


GR offers a unique solution that provides a variety of different modalities for students to interact with course materials. GR combines: powerful content, dynamic live instruction, and unparalleled technology to enhance the performance of students. With the combination of on demand one-to-one online live instruction and self-paced interactive content, essay review and asynchronous messaging of instructors, students can access a wide variety of content and support, whatever their schedule, learning style, or specific need they may have.

Our research-based and data-driven curriculum offers some unique features:

  • Multimedia avenues for communication and learning. Students work with interactive whiteboards and instant messaging (or chat) with instructors to share visuals, animation, audio, video, spreadsheet, and PowerPoint materials.
  • Pre-tests to determine strengths and weaknesses and develop Individualized learning plans
  • Self-Paced
  • Assessments built into the lessons
  • Each lesson is followed by guided practice, to reinforce the concepts and improve retention.
    Individualized Plans matched to meet the needs of each student—no matter how behind or advanced. We reach beyond the grade level to provide any needed remedial instruction as well as engaging more gifted students. This unique approach provides tools that enhance general classroom instruction.
  • Easy to implement — a computer with access to the Internet is all that’s needed.


  • The explosive growth of social media shows how much we yearn for an audience to observe and approve our actions. That is why online instructors are such a crucial part of our program. Even the most technologically oriented student values and benefits from instructional interaction with another human being.
  • Our instructors are specifically skilled at person-to-person communication through modern technology. In addition to being subject experts in their field, they all hold advanced degrees and are trained to teach online.

LIVE 24/7.

  • Any time of day or night, any day of the year, our subject experts are immediately available to your students with the click of a computer keyboard button —at school, at home, or anywhere with Internet access.
  • When a student needs help or doesn’t understand a concept, a highly qualified instructor stands ready to help. This human touch brings unlimited flexibility to our teaching process, as our instructors can vary the way they present material in order to meet student needs more effectively.