Sign up with Grade Results to help your child succeed in school! Whether they’re not getting the grades you expect, or having occasional problems with their homework, Grade Results’ expert tutors can provide the time and attention students need, when they need it, 24/7!

Whether your child needs help in basic math, or AP Calculus, grammar, essay writing, ACT/SAT help, life sciences or particle physics, we have highly-qualified tutors who can help.

Just sign up and we’ll email you your login. Then your child can go to our homepage, login and work one-on-one with a professional tutor. Once your child connects to a tutor we’ll subtract the length of the session from the total number of minutes you have purchased. We only deduct the actual minutes used – no session has a minimum time limit.

Grade Results will email you every two weeks summarizing the number of sessions your child has used, the length of each session and how many tutoring minutes are remaining. We’ll also include notes on your child’s progress, so you will now exactly what he or she is accomplishing.

There are no additional materials needed, no monthly billing and no other fees. NO HIDDEN COSTS! You are only paying for the amount of time you have chosen for a tutor to work directly with your child.

ImagePlan DetailsPriceAction
10 Hours - Struggling with a course and tired of going it alone? We'll help you throughout the course to nail it!$350.00 $275.00
5 Hours - Tired of cramming before a test and want some real support? This choice is for you.$200.00 $150.00
2 Hours - Need some serious support before a big test? Or you just want some homework help?$100.00 $70.00
Long Paper Review per submission - Our tutors will review your paper or essay of 10 pages or longer for theme, development, organization, spelling and grammar.$50.00 $38.00
1 Hour - Get a sense of online tutoring in one solid session, or a couple of shorter help sessions.$50.00 $35.00
Short Paper Review per Submission - Our tutors will review your paper or essay under 10 pages long for theme, development, organization, spelling and grammar.$30.00 $22.00
ACT/SAT/TCAP Essay Review per submission - Submit your essay to our tutors for a total review for theme, development, organization, spelling and grammar.$20.00 $13.00