The explosive growth of social media shows how much we yearn for an audience to observe and approve our actions. That is why live online instructors are such a crucial part of our program. Even the most technologically oriented student values and benefits from instructional interaction with another human being.

Our live instructors are specifically skilled at person-to-person communication through modern technology. In addition to being subject experts in their field, they all hold advanced degrees and are trained to teach online.

Live instruction is available as part of the Grade Results solution (additional fees applicable). With the live instruction component, students are able to connect to a LIVE instructor on-demand 24/7 in a chat environment within the Grade Results system. We believe this level of highly-accessible support and human interaction is what makes the solution more effective and differentiates it from other solutions you will evaluate.

Grade Results’ online instructors are certified educational professionals. All instructors have advanced degrees in their disciplines or certifications in specialties such as engineering, nursing or computer programming and all instructors go through annual background checks and are regularly trained and monitored to insure that the highest level of instructional support is provided to every student. Students are given the opportunity to rate each session at the end. Our bilingual instructors are native Spanish speakers.

Through the live instruction component, Grade Results provides an array of services for teachers as well as students that allows them to implement self-created materials to lessons as well as aids in functionality for teachers who are working with a variety of learners. Grade Results’ teachers can grade projects, provide feedback to students, and store them on the server for reference and review. Essay submissions can also be graded by Grade Results’ team of highly qualified and certified teachers who provide feedback based on national testing rubrics or on a customized rubric designed to meet school, district, and/or state created objectives. These submissions are graded and returned to the student and instructor within a 24-hour time frame. Grade Results’ teachers can also monitor groups and forums and students’ progress.