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Grade Results provides online courses and a comprehensive set of credit recovery, credit acceleration, remediation, alternative and special education services to public, private, charter and alternative schools, as well as community colleges and universities. Grade Results is research based and offers an extensive, personalized and ever-expanding curriculum powered by a cutting-edge, one-to-one delivery system. 


Our Products and Solutions

Grade Results Digital Courseware offers several modalities that support individualized, personalized and differentiated learning.


The Grade Results platform uses its cutting-edge Learning Management Software (LMS) to accommodate blended learning.


Grade Results provides enrichment to all students and may be specifically assigned to gifted and talented students, giving them additional opportunities/activities to expand and enhance learning.


TEST PREP – High-stakes assessments provide the data necessary to determine the educational future of a student.


Grade Results provides comprehensive virtual courses for core and elective middle/high school subject areas for students to accrue credit.


Grade Results provides students online curriculum at the middle or elementary school level for students that have fallen behind their peers academically. This opportunity allows the student to regain his/her grade level status.


Grade Results is also proud to partner with NWEA™ MAP® assessment to help generate Individualized Learning Plans (ILP).


Credit Recovery is one of our more successful solutions with success stories and proven results across the United States and worldwide.


Grade Results offers individualized online content and on-demand, live instructors. The student will receive supplemental, targeted standards based content custom tailored to the student’s specific needs.


Grade Results offers benchmark assessments, used to track grade level mastery and to assess end-of-year outcomes.


Grade Results will customize courses and follow client’s specifications and curriculum calendar. The course descriptions may vary depending on specific state standards.


Grade Results offers a team of experienced educators to provide live instructional support and homework help to students at all levels of need. Services are available 24/7 for most courses and support for ALL courses are available by appointment.


Applied skill requirements for workforce readiness is the biggest issue companies reveal students are lacking.

UNIQUE Solution

Proven Content | Online Instructors | Live 24/7 | Premium Support



Our highly effective instructional model recognizes that knowledge is gained through the understanding of simple principles. By combining a rich, multimedia online learning environment with live, caring instructors, Grade Results significantly accelerates student progress and enhances the instructional capacity of schools in diverse communities. In addition, our research-based and data-driven instruction aligns to state and common core standards, and the approach appeals to students with widely varied learning styles and needs.

  • State and Common Core State Standards Aligned Curriculum
  • Extensive Course Offerings
  • Customized Course Curriculum
  • Diagnostic Assessment
  • Customizable ILP
  • Live Instructional Support 24/7
  • Formative and Summative Assessment
  • Student Home Page Dashboard (with graphic display of course completion and mastery score percentages)
  • Course Pacing-Guide and Calendar
  • Interactives and videos (incorporated to increase student engagement)
  • Projects (allows students to demonstrate their knowledge)
  • Test to Speech (Text Is read aloud in English, Spanish, French, or Russian while the words are highlighted at the same time to support the struggling or English language learner.)
  • Personalized Avatars to deliver messages
  • Written in HTML5, Grade Results Is Compatible With All Mobile Devices
  • Customizable Course Weightage %
  • Essay Review with District Defined Rubric
  • On Demand Reports for Data Driven Decisions
  • Increase Course Completion Rates
  • Offers Blended Learning Options
  • Help Student’s Improve Their Writing Skills
  • Positively Impact the Lives of Students!
  • Offers Students Live Support 24/7
  • Give teachers Extra Support in Core Content Area