FL Disclosure Requirements
Section 1002.45, F.S.,requires the Provider to publish, for the general public, and as part of this application and any subsequent applications or contracts with school districts, the following information:
Information and data about the curriculum of each full-time and part-time program.  Please include, at minimum, the source or origin of curriculum and course content, specific research and best practice used in design, the basis for and frequency of revisions, research related to effectiveness of curriculum, evidence that content and assessments are accurate and free of bias, accessibility for students with disabilities, availability of multi-lingual, NCAA approval status for each applicable high school course offered. Questions about this information can be directed to Grade Results via info@graderesults.com.

GR’s Course Content

* GR’s solution is researched-based, in compliance with iNACOL National Standards for Quality Online Courses, and integrates Bloom’s Taxonomy Learning Domains into all instructional models/strategies.
GR’s course offerings meet course requirements, as set forth by the State of Florida. GR will work with your district curriculum staff to customize courses based upon specific district requirements. Courses will be aligned to district pacing guides.
GR can easily accommodate flexible learning sites and times. Our solution is web-based. GR can setup various learning sites with different mastery percents, student access by day and time, as well as, courses that should be available to each site. All site data will be accessible by state and district defined users.
Constant improvements are made to GR’s course delivery platform in response to client feedback and the demands of the growing marketplace.As the world of education is ever changing, GR recognizes the need for innovative educational programming for students in need of appropriate services to improve student achievement, behavior and learning.