Enrollment Policies
GRADE RESULTS will abide by all federal, state, and local policies and guidelines for student admission and will not impose admission requirements that are inconsistent with these policies and guidelines.

At various times during the school year, to comply with mandated enrollment caps, state regulations and reporting, and/or testing processes and requirements, GRADE RESULTS may temporarily or permanently close courses to new enrollments. Students and families will be notified of these changes when applicable.

Homeschool Verification Form
Per FL statute 1002.37, GRADE RESULTS homeschool parent/guardians must verify GRADE RESULTS course requests and enroll their students as homeschool students in their local district. Parent/guardians will acknowledge the student’s home school status during the parent/guardian enrollment verification. If not, parents need to register their student with the school district.

Eligibility, Residency, and Age
Proof of Residency (Florida Students)
Home Education students will be required to submit proof of residency (POR) documentation before being placed in a course. Without proper documentation on file, Home Education students will not be able to take GRADE RESULTS courses. Private Schools students will need to have their private school verify their course request. Then, they will have 30 days to submit POR documentation after reaching course request complete (CRC) status. Failure to submit proper documentation within 30 days after completing the registration process, the student will be withdrawn from the course(s). Please submit ONE of the following documents. All documents must be in the name of the parent/guardian on the student’s account and dated within 30 days.
• Gas, water, sewage, electric, or home/cellular telephone bill
• Rent receipt with name of lessee and contact information
• Lease agreement with name of lessee and contact information
• Mortgage statement or mortgage commitment
• Home purchase contract, including specified closing date, with copy of deed to be provided within 60 days of closing date
• Property tax statement
• Automobile insurance statement
• Current Florida driver’s license or Florida identification card
• Bank account statement
Additional information regarding eligibility, residency, and age requirements for enrolling in GRADE RESULTS, please contact enrollment@graderesults.com.