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Grade Results Digital Courseware offers several modalities that support individualized, personalized, and differentiated learning.


Our research-based and data-driven curriculum offers some unique features.


Our Instructors are specifically skilled at person-to-person communication through modern technology.

LIVE 24/7

Any time of day or night, any day of the year, our subject experts are immediately available to your students at anywhere with internet access.


Personalization, Innovation, and Acceleration

Grade Results’ unique combination of a rigorous online curriculum and highly skilled live instructors has proven itself in a variety of educational situations. We are committed to serving diverse student populations, creating a learning environment in which each student receives the opportunity to excel.

The improved achievement scores, attendance figures, and graduation rates of our participating school systems all give testament to the effectiveness of our interactive and engaging program.

Credit Recovery

Credit Recovery is one of our most successful solution with success stories and proven results across the United States and worldwide.


We provide enrichment to all students and may be specifically assigned to gifted and talented students, giving them additional opportunities/activities to expand and enhance learning.

Credit Accrual

We provide comprehensive virtual courses for core and elective middle/high schools subject areas for students to accrue credit.


We offer individualized online content and on-demand, live instructors. The student will receive supplemental, targeted standards based content custom tailored to the student’s specific needs.

Grade Recovery

We provide students online curriculum at the middle or elementary school level for students who have fallen behind their peers academically. This opportunity allows the students to regain their grade level status.

Project Based Learning

Project-based learning is an instructional approach that utilizes learning activities that motivate and engage students’ interest and are designed to help students solve real-world problems.

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Adaptive andBenchmark Testing, Reporting, and Analysis

Make Informed Decisions - For Future Impact!

Grade Results Adaptive and Benchmark Testing System is a standards-based assessment solution which allows districts to collect, analyze, and act upon student performance data to improve student achievement through focused classroom instruction.

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Getting the Results One Student at a Time

Grade Results' Personalized Learning environments are customized to individual learner's needs, skills, and interests. Grade Results provides opportunity for students to explore and engage in experiences within and beyond the confines of the classroom.

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Virtual and blended learning solutions

Using Technology for Quality Instruction!

Our highly effective instructional model recognizes that knowledge is gained through the understanding of simple principles. By combining a rich, multimedia online learning environment with live, caring instructors, Grade Results significantly accelerates student progress and enhances the instructional capacity of schools in diverse communities. In addition, our research-based and data-driven based instruction aligns to state and common core standards, and the approach appeals to students with widely varied learning styles and needs.

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Get all the tools to teach your students!


Grade Results LMS takes elearning to the next level with its key features. It's fully customizable, user friendly, gamification ability, 100+ integrations, and cloud based LMS.

LMS is integrated with many interactives, videos, social learnings like club, blogs, wiki, playlists, and discussion forums.

Grade Results LMS

Our Features

Various options for districts, schools, teachers to decide to provide a unique solutions as per the needs!


* Performance
* Gradebook
* Real-Time
* Curriculum and Courses
* Login History

User Management

* Enroll Students
* Create Groups
* Accommodations
* Student Passport
* Student Portfolio


* Instructional Reports
* Student Progress
* Assessment Reports
* Administrative Data
* Usage Summary Data

Virtual Classroom

* Whiteboard
* Chat Feature
* Screen Sharing
* Session Recordings
* Share Notes
* Emojis


* Clubs
* Announcements
* Messages/Emails
* Collaboration with Teachers, Parents, & Students
* Emergency Mode/Messages

Various Activities

* Course Content
* Playlists/Videos
* Labs
* Discussion Forums
* Projects
* Assessments

Course Management

* Manage Courses
* Assessments
* Course Pacing
* Teacher Materials
* Generate Tests
* Import Courses
* External Resources


* Student Information System (SIS)
* Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI)
* Application Programming Interface (API)
* Single Sign-On (SSO)


* 24/7 Premium Support
* Track and Monitor Issues
* Handbooks
* Instructional Videos
* Webinars
* Ask Me Everything (AME)

What They say about us?


“Grade Results has been very instrumental in changing the lives of our students, increasing our Cohort Graduation Rate and most importantly decreasing our dropout rate. Our students go on to two or four year institutions of higher learning, becomes gainfully employed or seek industry certification in high-wage, high-demand certificate fields. The instructors employed by Grade Results give the students the additional academic support they need to be successful and complete the program.”

Dr. Beverly Hackett

Guidance Counselor,
Birmingham City Schools

“I really love grade results it was easy in on going i love the instructors they were a really big help. i wanna enjoy high school because i worked so hard to get where i'm at but thank you so much grade results. Keep grade results don't turn it into anything else leave it how it is . THANKS AGAIN.”

Shardae Woods,


“Thanks to Envision Personalized Academy, (who uses Grade Results) I have become a much better student. I learned so much through the projects, lessons, and forums. The ACT Prep course is great. When I took my ACT last year, I scored a 15. After completing the ACT course this year, my score has gone up to 20.”


12th Grade Student

"My school couldn't help me because I had failed the state test but I have all my credits," said Arthur. Aruther was accepted into Mile College in Alabama and will be beginning his first semester on August 10, 2020.  He wants to eventually become a registered nurse.  

arthur robinson


"GradeResults "allowed Hanna the opportunity to study at her own pace.  And offered assistance, if needed.  Hanna has ADHD and needs extra time to focus on some things." "This was the best way for her to [attain her high school diploma] with pride and not to feel ashamed for needing extra time to do some things," said Hanna's mother.  Hanna was accepted into Southwest Community College in Tennessee and will be starting school in August 2020."

Hanna conard


"Austin worked for ECO-PAK in Mississippi but needed his high school diploma in order to be promoted.  Austin Leach received his high school diploma from GradeResults on 06/22/2020 and was subsequently promoted."

austin leach


"Kaitlyn had a difficult time passing the state tests in order to graduate from high school and receive her high school diploma.  She enrolled in Grade Results and earned her high school diploma.  After taking summer courses during the Summer 2020, Kaitlyn will be officially accepted into Alcorn State University in Mississippi beginning Fall 2020."

kaitlyn bunch


“Grade results really helped me complete my course so that I could graduate on time this is really a good idea.”

T'niaya smith